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Online eBook Conversion Starting From £399 is a top-notch eBook conversion company that brings eBook conversion services to authors and publishers without losing the format. Our online eBook converters have translated millions of manuscripts into the most widely used eBook formats since 2010. The team here closely handles every file they receive for the conversion process.

What’s more, our online eBook converters are capable of converting files into every possible format. Be it PDF to EPB eBook Kindle, EPUB to audiobook, PDF to MOBI, doc to EPUB, MOBI to PDF or any format – we deal in them all! Therefore, just simply trust us with your book’s conversion, and we will manually hand-code your manuscript to your desired format. Send your document now.

  • Professional Team
  • Accurate Statistics
  • Up To 20 Pages
  • 10 Days Turnaround
£ 399
  • Professional Team
  • Accurate Statistics
  • Specialized Research
  • Professional Formatting
  • Up To 40 Pages
  • 08 Days Turnaround
£ 599
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Reasons We Can Be Your Best Choice In UK To Convert PDF To eBook Format

Regarding our eBook conversion, you, as a client, can rest assured that your book is in the safest hands. That’s because we have converted plenty of books of every genre you can think of so far! The team here uses a checklist of 150+ points to ensure that the converted masterpiece matches your standards and exceeds your expectations. Plus, before the final delivery, every converted eBook is tested on actual readers to evaluate the book’s performance. All of these reasons sum up together, making us the best choice to trust with eBook conversion.

Prepare Your Paperback Book For Kindle, Ingram, Smash Word, Kobo, Lulu & More

EBook writing is half of the battle! The real task is to make the manuscript reach the right audiences. And here’s when our assistance comes to help. Once you are done with the writing part, send us the doc to get it converted for your desired platform. Since every platform accepts a different format and has different standards that need to be satisfied, we convert manuscripts to eBooks accordingly. Be it Ingram Spark eBook conversion, EPUB to Kindle or anything else – we’ve got you covered! Rely on us to make your manuscript reach new audiences.

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Our EBook Creation and Conversion Services In UK Includes Everything

We Do A Lot More Than Simply Converting Manuscript To eBook

When we convert a manuscript to an eBook, we ensure the converted outcome is acceptable on every tablet, eReader and smartphone. You can send us your files in a simple Word document, PDF, InDesign, or any digital format. Also, while converting a book to an eBook, we also take care of visual elements. Any images, photographs, graphs or tables added to your document will be converted to your digital manuscript without losing their quality. We just don’t convert content into a digital form but ensure the converted version is more eye-catching and appealing by taking care of other elements as well.

Every Book Here Is Converted Manually – We Don’t Use Automated Methods

While there are various automated online eBook converters for Kindle, EPBU, MOBI, allowing a human to convert or format your book will always have a higher-quality eBook! That’s because automated conversion processes always result in poor quality, like missing punctuations, run-on sentences, wrong paragraphs, wrong spelling, and more. Automated eBook converters can be a huge fail if your document is image-heavy, with multi-column text or text in colours. Our trained team performs checks, tasks and debugging exercises to ensure that the converted book has no inconsistencies or errors.

Why Our eBook Making Service is Awesome?

We’re UK’s #1 Choice For Book Conversion Services For The Following Reasons

At, we do everything to make your book conversion process smooth and productive. While trusting us for your eBook conversion, you can expect the following key characteristics:

Fastest TurnaroundFastest Turnaround

We convert paperbacks to eBooks within the fastest turnaround i.e. 1 week. However, the turnaround may vary depending on your book’s size, but still, we promise – it won’t take much longer!


Our customers are required to pay once, only for our services! We believe there’s no reason to charge royalties. You keep all of the profits you make by selling the converted version of the book.

Multiple Input FormatsMultiple Input Formats

You can send your eBook to us in any possible format, and we will cater to your requirements. Our team of experts can convert files to any format, be it EPBU, PDF, MOBI, XML, DjVu, or any other format.

Industry Best StandardsIndustry Best Standards

Every file here matches the latest standards of the market set by the market leaders! This means your converted file will match standards set by leaders like KDP, IDPF and more for smooth publishing.

eBook Conversion GuideConvert PDF To An eBook Online Through Simple Steps
Place Your Order
Place Your Order

Kickstart the process by sending your book to us and revealing required information like the desired format, the book's length, the platform where you want to publish it & more. This will lead you to the payment page; make the payment & your order will be confirmed.

Comprehensive Research
The Process Begins

Once the order is confirmed, the experts here strip out the elements like header/footer, etc., to ensure the text isn’t interrupted. The raw text is extracted, reformatted, and coded, and the eBook’s structure is created in this step. The structure may require your approval.

Review The Progress
Taking Care Of Other Steps

After your approval, the team codes for bulleted and numbered lists, the team inserts & links footnotes and images, the metadata file is created, reader-specific title and copyright pages are designed & finally, the eBook’s source code is converted to the required format.

Get The Delivery
Final Testing & Delivery

The converted file is tested on major e-reading devices to ensure the source codes are working fine. Just in case there’s an issue, it’s fixed hand-to-hand. At this stage, we also share the file with the client for any end-moment changes. Once everything’s done, the final delivery is made.

Our Samples Converted Some Of The Best-Seller eBooks Of The Era

Converted my eBook into 3 formats within 13 days only! This eBook conversion service in UK is the fastest. They tested my book several times to ensure it worked fine.

14Days Avg. Turnaround
2 Mins.Average Response Time
98%Happy Buyers
78%Repeat Buyers
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Here Are Your Most Common Queries Answered

EBook conversion service providers are experts like us who turn ordinary documents into formats accepted by eBook platforms. If your manuscript is written into a doc or PDF, just send it to us, and we will convert it into a format accepted by the platform where you will publish your book.

That’s a long process! Use coding knowledge to extract raw text, use coding knowledge to reformat raw content, recreate bulleted and numbered lists & go through a lot of intricacies to achieve a converted eBook. That’s why it is always a reliable option to trust an eBook conversion specialist to get your book converted into an eBook.

It costs approximately $ XXXX. However, the final price depends on several factors, like the length of the book, the complexities involved in a certain book, and more. To know how much your book conversion will cost, sending your books to us is the best idea, and we will quote a price. Rest assured, we are the most affordable service in the UK.

If you talk about online converters, let us be honest – online eBook format converters aren’t reliable! The results are always low-quality. But if you are looking for human-based converters, brings you the best eBook conversion service in the UK and worldwide. We have 10+ years of experience converting books into an eBook.

Our eBook creation and conversion service can convert books into all formats like EPBU, MOBI, Kindle File Format, DjVu, XML and more. Plus, we accept books in every format! So there’s no limitation in any regards. Just confidently send your book our way, and we will deliver you the converted version within no time.

It takes approximately two weeks to convert a book into an eBook format. However, this time is subjective to several factors, like how early you need it, the length of the book, the effort required to format a book and more. So it's always a great idea to send your book to avail of a free quote and know the exact turnaround.