Annual Report Writing
The Challenge

Explore It All has been flourishing in their industry forever. However, the company had to submit an annual report to their financiers and stakeholders. As one of the leading travelling companies of the globe, the financiers and stakeholders had higher expectations from them. The company also wanted to use this opportunity to get the financiers involved in their upcoming events without actually adding a CTA.

The core requirement was to mention everything in such a way that it creates a stir to get people involved. And that was tricky; you want people but don't invite them directly. Because, of course – it's an annual report, not a glorified brochure, forcing the audience to participate in the activity. The focus of curating an annual report revolved around inspiring and informing the audience with attention hooking the annual success of the company.

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The Solution

We wore our caps, grabbed our pens, and composed all the stats in the best form to achieve a compelling narrative, dissecting all the financial matters in an understandable tone. A professional income and expense report was added after making it go through an audit to instil an air of authenticity and confidence. Colourful charts were also incorporated to spill an honest position of the company.

Slowly and gradually, in the end, the plans for next year were included, in which we gave a peep at the event as well. The event's thrill and returns were also decently covered without sounding very obvious. Later, the client reported 4 out of 7 financiers indicated their interest in financing the event – and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve, right? The client was pretty satisfied.


OMG!! You guys are so brilliant. You actually understood my requirement. I wanted an annual report that could explain the success of my company and further convince my investors to contribute in the upcoming event. The information was so well written that all the financiers showed their interest in financing my upcoming event. That's exactly what I wanted.

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