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London’s Most Renowned Amazon Publishing Service in UK offers London’s leading Amazon self-publishing service that successfully publishes books of every genre like fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, thriller, mystery, horror or romance. The goal of our Amazon publishing solution is to connect creative authors with their readers, worldwide. And what else could be a better way to do so, other than publishing a book on Amazon? As the #1 Amazon publishing agency, we have a track of working with emerging, best-selling and critically acclaimed authors.

Not only do we publish text-written story books, but have hands-on experience with audiobooks, low-content books, digital books and printed books as well. You can trust us with journals and poetries too. With our drive to help authors get their books launched, we make publishing via Amazon super easy and affordable. Trust our Amazon eBook publishing capabilities, and send your manuscript our way. We will proofread, edit, convert & publish your book within XX days only. The process is simple & fast. Even if you don’t know where to begin from, then worry not, because our consultants will explain you the process, bit by bit, so you are happy & satisfied!

  • Expert Writers
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Up To 500 Words
  • 06 Days Turnaround
£ 25
  • Expert Writers
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Up To 500 Words
  • Keyword Research
  • Plagiarism Free
  • 03 Days Turnaround
£ 35
Publish Your Book, Yourself!

With Our Amazon Book Publisher Services in UK, You Have Complete Control

With Us, You Control The Entire Process

When you trust us with Amazon book publishing services, we promise to give you complete control over your manuscript’s content, price, audience, marketing, design and other aspects. Although, our publishers bring their insights to the table, but the final call is always yours. We assist with book designing and formatting a well. During the process, we keep our customers updated and seek their approval, before moving on to the next step. This results in complete satisfaction of the author. So you never have to worry about losing your authority during the publishing process. You simply dictate to us your requirements, and we’ll help you out.

Publish In Different Formats For Better Reach

Sharing your story through different formats is always recommended because it helps the author reach more readers! Along with uploading your manuscript to the Amazon store, we publish audiobooks, serialized stories (Kindle Vella) and print-on-demand as well. If your audience prefers reading paperback books, you can rely on our Amazon print-on-demand publishing service and deliver the printed version of the manuscript, to their doorstep. Likewise, you can spark curiosity of your audience through Kindle Vella. We publish one chapter/episode at a time, making readers wait for the next chapter.

Why Choose
Let professionals handles the publishing hassleUnlock Your Gateway To Global Readership With Our Amazon Book Publishers In UK
100% Royalty-Free Amazon Publishing Service in Britain

While publishing on Amazon, the biggest concern of authors revolves around sharing royalties or profits out of the sales they make. But when it comes to Amazon independent publishing with us – you can relax because we keep 0% royalties from the authors. This means, you only have to pay one-time Amazon publishing costs to us. After that, no matter how many sales you make, we’ll never claim any cut from it. Also, we claim no authority or ownership over the manuscript that’s launched by us. You stay the sole owner of the manuscript, owning us zero royalties or profits. The same goes for print-on-demand publishing services. We just charge for our services, and you keep the rest of the profits you earn by selling the books.

Amazon Publishing House That Prepares Books for Publishing

Digital publishing is a lot more than uploading your book on Amazon. Your book needs to satisfy certain standards to get it accepted by Amazon. We take care of the entire process, right from basic proofreading to editing, formatting, taking care of layout to visuals like images and book covers. We even offer Amazon ghost book writing service as well, for authors who aim to have a best-seller published under their names.

Our Amazon publishing solutions cover everything and it is ensured that your book never gets rejected. And just in case the platform refuses to accept your book, we provide complete after-sales support to look into the reasons that got the book rejected. We fix the loopholes and re-attempt the publishing until it gets accepted.

Amazon ghost book writing

Author’s Most Trusted Amazon Self-Publishing Company in England

There are countless sites that offer Amazon self-publishing help to authors. But are they worth it? No! Because not everyone can publish books on Amazon. The platform has high standards that need to be satisfied. Apart from that, the following are the four reasons that make us the author’s most trusted Amazon self-publishing company in the UK.

Expert PublishersExpert Publishers

The team here knows the nuances of this field and can easily get your book live. They’ve been launching books on Amazon for 10+ years now. Therefore, working with us will give your manuscript a competitive edge over other submissions that the platform receives.

Fastest TurnaroundFastest Turnaround

Depending upon your book, we’ll recommend the turnaround. It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to prep and upload a book. However, it might take a little less in certain situations to launch the manuscript. Just simply send us the book, and we will quote the turnaround.

Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction Guaranteed

Once the book has been uploaded, it takes a couple of days for the platform to respond. Usually, our uploaded books are accepted in the first shot. But we have this policy of staying by the client’s side until the book is successfully accepted & launched on the platform.

100K+ Books Published100K+ Books Published

One core reason why authors trust us to self-publish books online is that we’ve plenty of experience in this field. We have been publishing books online since 2010, making us the veteran of this market. 100K+ books have been published, and next could be yours.

Amazon Publication, Made Easy!You Are 4 Steps Away From Self-Publishing Your Book Online
Submit The Order
Send Us Your Book

The initial step is to send your book to us. If you know what changes your manuscript needs, we’ll begin with them. But, if you need our free consultation to begin the process, we will evaluate the book and recommend the changes to get the book published.

Inspecting The Content
Prepping For Publication

Once you approve the recommendations, we work on the weak areas. This may include proofreading, editing, formatting, designing, cover designing and more. We prep the manuscript per the platform’s certain standards to ensure the book isn’t rejected.

Constructing Draft
Taking Your Approval

After the changes, we will share a draft with you. This will help you understand what your book's final version will look like. You can suggest any tweaks if you want until you are fully satisfied with the final results. The revisions would be done at no additional price.

The Finale
Final Launch

We wait for your final nod. Once you are satisfied with what’s delivered to you, we publish your book online and wait until it is accepted. Usually, books published by us aren’t rejected. But just in case things don’t goes our way, we look into the loophole and fix it.

Books Published By Us We’ve Published The Following Best-Sellers On Amazon, So Far

Few years ago, Amazon's self-publishing looked like an unachievable dream. But today, I’ve published 3 books on Amazon, earned the best-seller badge and made huge sales – all because of

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Yes, Amazon does offer publishing services. But, it can be a little challenging for authors to avail of such services. That’s because while you avail services from Amazon directly, you don’t get one-on-one services or free consultations, which may help you make better-informed decisions.

Publishing on Amazon has no fees. However, working with a professional Amazon book publisher who knows what gets the books accepted or rejected by the platform is important. And when you hire a professional for assistance, you’d be required to pay a certain fee to them.

You earn through Amazon by selling your book on the platform. However, Amazon doesn’t pay simply to publish the book. Also, sales cannot be guaranteed because publishing and distributing a book is one thing, but the sales depend upon the quality of the book.

Yes! People have taken this as a full-time job these days. If you are good at writing, you can make millions overnight. But just in case – you lack writing expertise and still need to publish on Amazon, our experts can do the writing part for you. Get in touch to know more.

Self-publishing without taking any expert’s support isn’t recommended at all. Launching your manuscript comes with certain challenges, which can easily drain you out. Hence, it is recommended that you have a professional at your side throughout the whole process.

Usually, it takes 3 weeks. But that also depends upon various external factors, like the formatting required to get a book live. However, if you are in a hurry and need to get it live in a shorter span, discuss it with our support team, and we will help you.