Email Copywriting
The Challenge

Stay Schlank took the initiative to help Germans adopt a gym and healthy lifestyle! After several failed attempts to capture an audience via social media, the company approached us for a solution. We recognized that email copywriting is the only solution that can do wonders for them. The real challenge was to recognize the target audience for the client. The client was unsure about its target audience.

We conducted deep research and identified that working people in Germany are in need of a healthy lifestyle. Being an earner, they don't mind grabbing junk food twice a day and spend the rest of their free time as couch potatoes. To motivate them and catch their attention via email was challenging since the attention span of the young audience is lesser (they got a busy life)

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The Solution

Although the client considered email copywriting an outdated method, since they trusted us, they allowed adopting this strategy. And to their surprise, email copywriting turned out to be a wonderful solution for them. The conversions and enrollments were crazy – and the client smirked to the fullest. The number of registrations was sky-high. Their brand exposure lifted significantly.

To curate the email campaign, we adopted actionable language, personalized the whole email from scratch, kept clarity and catchiness in line, wrote an attention-grabbing subject line and started the email with a killer introduction. All of these attributes combined together to form an excellent quality electronic mail. Before signing off, he said, "I knew you guys would ace it!"


Social media wasn't working for us because the food chains were overshadowing the idea of staying healthy. Although we weren't sure about email marketing, the Copywriting Agency's powerful reputation convinced us to go for email marketing. And it actually worked out for us. The number of registrations elevated, and everything went smooth.

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