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The Challenge

BJP stepped into the overcrowded food industry and was worried about not getting orders! Despite ticking all the boxes of digital marketing, BJP overlooked blogs. They wrote some of themselves but couldn't do it up to par. This is because knowing blogs and practising blogs are two different things. Plus, the client was unaware of the trending topics that can attract the viewer at a glance.

After the client reached out to us, we identified that the company had not consistently uploaded blogs due to a lack of motivation, and the content wasn't SEO friendly. None of the SEO practices was followed while writing the content. Keywords were lacking, and no proper research was done before writing the content. This eventually led towards no traffic generation and zero reader engagement on the website.

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The Solution

We being the wizards of this craft, took over the situation. After conducting thorough research about their target market, we prepared a blog strategy. Under this strategy, the topics of blogs and posting schedules were also decided. After the topic was approved, we conducted keyword research and began curating the blogs. The client wanted to share an outline for the first few articles, and we did it wholeheartedly.

We added relevant keywords to their content for better ranking. After 3 first blogs were published, the client gave us the authority to continue writing blogs without getting the outlines approved. Through well-researched and well-written content, the client was able to drive immense traffic to its website and improve reader engagement. Currently, BJP handed over their web content and website SEO to us.


The team of BJP has been consistently trying to pen down articles and blogs ourselves, and it was so disappointing to see zero views on our content. And that was when someone suggested we go for Copywriting Agency, - and we did! The decision turned out to be the best one. Due to their help, the market came to know about us, increased brand awareness, and received more orders.

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