Product Description Writing
The Challenge

It goes without saying Mulak Kiko is among the top-rated cosmetic brands in Japan! As they revamped their website, they needed a professional product description writer who would capture the real essence of their products and highlight USP within a few words. The company was very particular with the choice of words and the way the words were used.

The client's main requirement revolved around the consistency of tone, perfect choice of words, and well-detailed content. However, the company wanted something short and catchy despite requiring a detailed product description. They would pack a punch of all details in a few sentences, and converting crazily was the basic requirement.

mulak kiko
The Solution

The powerful team of product description writers analyzed their requirements and picked up their pens to exceed their requirements. In the introduction, the target audience's problem was addressed (not in more than one line), and then by choosing the best possible adjectives, we explained how the USP of the product could resolve the issue.

By choosing the best possible adjectives, we explained the USP of the product. And then, the sentence is further connected to the details, leading the reader to hit the order now button. The client reported that they experienced a measurable surge in their orders. Mulak Kiko is now a repetitive client who entrusts no other company forthe role.


CopyWriting Agency, you guys were awesome! Since the day I have hired you, I have felt so light and burden-free. Thank you so much for always writing high-quality product descriptions at such low prices. The SEO-optimized content never fails to drive traffic to my website, and all the stock gets sold within no time! I am always going to hire you, over and over again.

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